Cast & Creative.


  • Russell Floyd as Bernard Martin
  • Lisa Eichhorn as Helen Martin
  • Fred Adenis as Jean-Baptiste
  • Timothy Morand as Patrick Philippe
  • Angela Dixon as Sarah
  • Etienne Fouillade as Dylan
  • Anaïs Parello as Louna
  • Patrice Ortega as Hervé
  • Peter Lamarque as David George
  • Arthur Contival as Loïc
  • François Sers as Damien
  • Elise Auriol as Kenza
  • Léo Manzano as Giggles
  • Ugo Chabiron-Bouchet as Enzo
  • Etienne Trémoulet as Bryce
  • Charles Munoz as Claude Maraise
  • Howard J. Ford as Charles Martin
  • Daniel Rickard as Norman
  • Marie Rancati-Palmer as Marguerite
  • Rory Reilly-Ford as young Bernard
Written, Produced and Directed by : Jon Ford

Coproduced by : Anne Davaud

Visual effects : Dan Rickard
Sound design : Rob Davidsson
Special make-up effects : Max Van De Banks
Cinematography : Jonathan Ford & Dan Rickard
Music : Imran Ahmad
Casting : Joël Contival and Jane Frisby
First Assistant Director : Canelle Hoppé
Second Assistant Director : Garance Marie